Wicked Wednesday – Hunt the Blu Tac


I kid you not – this is a game I, a 39 year old woman, played just last night! I know! This folks, is what real parenting actually looks like!


You think you’re getting a baby, you know, the ones that look all cute in their knitted hats in the magazine, and wham, before you know it –  you’re playing hunt the blu-tac whilst trying to make the tea in an effort to prevent bat sh*t craziness ensuing from the smallest child in the house!

The game is fairly obvious. The Small Boy devised it himself ? he hides the tiniest pieces of blu-tac he can find, all around the house and then he waits expectantly for me to find them, giving helpful three-year old clues, like – ‘it’s der Mummy!’ as he opens the cupboard door to reveal the hiding blu-tac! This can go on for almost ten minutes – which as Mamas know is a long time when you’re TRYING TO MAKE TEA!

This game has the added bonus of finding long forgotten tiny pieces of blu-tac for days to come when you open cupboards, put on your shoe or go up the stairs!


#WickedWednesday 26th October 2016


(*The lovely BrummyMummyof2 shares her favourite #wickedwednesdays picks of the week over on her blog…so if you’re feeling like the only one who’s dealing with this sort of shizzle, then check out the links, for you’re not alone!)

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