Flipping Pancake Day

My social media feeds have been full of images of the perfect pancake day posts today.

For me it’s just another day when Mamas have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to be #makingmemories whilst simultaneously providing their Smalls with the healthiest way of enjoying the favourite tea-time of the year!

So while you think Pancake day looks like this…


It actually looks more like this…

1 – Not enough/not the right pans to make pancakes in

2 – A slightly dubious batter recipe used that also doubles for Yorkshire Puddings

3 – A kitchen/clothes/hair filled with smoke from burned butter

4 – No one eating together at the table as only one pancake is made at a time

5 – A lot of golden syrup/nutella consumed/spilled on the table/floor/worktop

6 – Sticky sugar everywhere

7 – Token fresh fruit cast aside

8 – General whingeing from Smalls about who has eaten the most/turn it is next/why their pancake is smaller than their sibling’s

9 – Everyone thinking they can flip a pancake like Gordon Ramsey

10 – Decimated pancake all over the hob/floor/worktop

11 – Never enough mixture left

12 – Not getting to eat any pancakes yourself

13 – Papa’s walking in asking what’s for tea amidst carnage

14 – Shed loads of washing up/clearing up/mopping of sticky floor

15 – Vows to buy expensive shop bought ones next year to gently warm in the oven and serve in civilised manner at dinner table with organic yogurt, blueberries and a sprinkle of chia seeds

16 – Wine

How’s it been round yours? Mine has been fairly standard, as above!

Lucy xx


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