Two Week Meal Plan Ideas

Along with doing all.the.things in preparation for the Coronavirus crazy, shopping for food is right up there!

And whilst panic buying is never a good idea, it’s a really poor idea if you want to feed your family actual meals!

I shared on my Instagram some ideas recently and a few people said seeing the plan and some links to recipes would help them, so here they are.

I’m not a food writer, or nutrition expert, just a busy Mama trying to plan in some things that might help the family at these times.

I’d love to see any of yours if you have them or good recipes that the whole family will eat are winners anytime in my book.

Here you go…

Here are some of the recipe links:

Chicken Korma

Pea and Bacon Pasta

Chicken and Leek Stroganoff

Sweet Leek and Fennel Tuna Pasta

Chicken Chowder

Chicken Pie


Sweet Potato Soup

Mushroom and lentil Bolognese

Please let me know what you guys are eating at the moment and whether you can get any of the ingredients to actually cook them! Fingers crossed!

Longer term planning

I’m hoping fresh food is going to be easier to get hold of then longer life items, but that might change over time. We’re planning to shop week to week and not buy more than we need for our family.

We have a about five reserve meals in; pasta and sauces, frozen fish/chicken with veg, pizzas, ready made pies along with the usual store cupboard shizzle like beans and tinned soup.

May the force be with you Mamas and I hope this has helped a little.


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