BEAM photographs and the Yorkshire Post

I had a gorgeous time attending the Harrogate International Festivals BEAM event in Harrogate last weekend and was delighted to meet and be photographed by Charlotte Graham Photography at the event.

Charlotte Graham

BEAM was a brand new light festival presented by Harrogate International Festivals – which illuminated some of the spa town’s most iconic buildings and green spaces using lighting beams and projections to transform the architecture and landscape.

BEAM – Harrogate

The festival, which took place on March 15 and 16, lit up the town centre from dusk till 10pm each evening. A number of landmark spaces, including Crescent Gardens and the cenotaph, were animated with lights and soundscapes designed by the internationally renowned Leeds-based artist and lighting designer James Bawn.

Picture Credit Charlotte Graham

The King’s Photographer

Charlotte has photographed none other than the King on numerous occasions along with many other notable famous faces, so I was beyond honoured to be asked to stand in for some shots she was taking at the BEAM event this week.

Picture Credit Charlotte Graham

Since meeting Charlotte at an event she was speaking at previously, I’ve been enthralled with her photography, so having her take my photo was an absolute privilege.

Picture Credit Charlotte Graham

Capturing the Joy

I love how Charlotte has captured the sheer joy that blogging brings to my life whilst I was doing something I love; celebrating the gloriousness of the town that we live in. Thank you Charlotte.

The Yorkshire Post

And it was such a surprise to see the photos pop-up in the Yorkshire Post newspaper and the Yorkshire Post online on Saturday 16th March!


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