Building a Pause into your Day with Baby Mindful Sessions

Ever wondered what a Baby Mindful Class is all about? Jo from Baby Mindful Harrogate is sharing what she’s learnt from running her Harrogate class for Mamas in the area and what you can expect from the Harrogate Mama Baby Club taster session she’s hosting for us on Monday 19th November at our Kick Off event…

So what IS a Baby Mindful Class?

I often get asked – “so what exactly do you *do* in your class”. It’s fair question, especially as I often say one of the best things about my Baby Mindful classes is that we focus on the mindfulness principal of “being” rather than “doing”.

Soothing and Calm Atmosphere

I always answer that’s we do *do* some activities. But that’s the difference that sets it apart from a regular baby activity class is that activities are purposefully designed to be very simple, slow paced using very few props. Everything that we do in class supports the soothing and calm atmosphere.

Winding Down

Each class is themed around a nursery rhyme that you’ll be familiar with, and the seven steps structure that we use, leads us through a gentle process of winding down, starting with movement and play at the start, and ending with a relaxing guided meditation.

Sensory Exploration

The MOVEMENT and PLAY steps let you and your baby share in some sensory exploration together. Purposefully simple and slow-paced activities set the scene, helping to energise a tried Mama, to soothe a fretful baby, or both! These useful games can be replicated at home without complicated props, or when out and about trying to enjoy a lunch catch up or coffee date!

Stretch and Feel

The STRETCH and FEEL steps start to bring the pace down a little, with some light stretches and a basic, uncomplicated massage. Both babies and parents alike can hold tension in their bodies without realising it –it’s pretty physically demanding being a small baby, not to mention the physical work of looking after your tiny one! So, these steps are aimed at relieving some of that tension together.

Simple Massage

The simple massage is another tool you can take away from class, using it in bedtime routines or on just on those occasions when you feel like you need to hit the “pause button” in your hectic day and just reconnect.

Breathe, Believe and Relax

BREATHE, BELIEVE and RELAX are the steps towards the end of class. We share affirmations based on the class theme, to start to nurture a habit of positive thinking, and share in some easy breathing exercises together.

Breathing exercises remind us that a baby’s breathing pace can be regulated by that of their parents.Learning to notice the effect that your slow, calm breathing can have on your baby’s emotional state is a powerful, natural technique you can use to help soothe and calm your baby at any time. It’s something I imagine you’ll draw on as your little ones grow into toddlers and older children too.

Guided Meditation

We end the class by sharing in a guided meditation together – I’ll read a visualisation aloud, while you and your baby listen, enjoy cuddles together, and zone out for a while. At the end of the class we often have room full of very relaxed parents and babies, it can be quite magical!

Build a Pause into your Day

So, there you have it–that is what you can expect from Baby Mindful – a class full of a whole lot of “being” and a little bit of “doing”. Baby Mindful is a lovely opportunity to build a pause into your busy week with your baby. But it’s even more than that, Baby Mindful is a class laced with so many benefits for your baby AND for you too, you’ll learn life-long tools that will help bring some calm to the ups and downs of your parenting journey.

Harrogate Mama Baby Club Event

So if you’d like to find out more about Baby Mindful Sessions in Harrogate you can come along to the Harrogate Mama Baby Club Kick Off Event on Monday 19th November at 10am at the Majestic Hotel to discover more for yourself or check out Jo’s Facebook and Instagram pages.



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