Ye Olde Bell Spa – A Perfect Spa Experience

Last weekend Harrogate Papa and I had the luxury of visiting the gorgeous Ye Olde Bell Spa, which is near Retford, about an hour down the A1 from Harrogate.

It was only completed last year, so it’s still all shiny and new with loads of lovely little touches.

Ye Olde Bell Spa

Now Harrogate Papa is new to the whole Spa thing, he wasn’t 100% convinced about it to start off with, but has very quickly become a convert! He’s learned the benefits first-hand of enjoying time to chill out, relax and spend some quality time in peace and quiet without the Smalls interrupting our every waking moment!

Self Care Matters

I talk about the importance of self care a lot as a Mama but it’s really important for the Papas too. And it’s also really important to spend some time together as a couple, it’s something so often pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities, but really it should be at the top as the two of you, as a team, make the whole world turn for the Smalls!

Bright, Fresh and Modern Ye Olde Bell Spa

Ye Olde Bell Spa is far from Olde Worlde – it’s really modern and bright and fresh. We loved the indoor/outdoor pool complete with bubble bars (like long jacuzzis to sit on) and water jets galore, helping you to feel relaxed and invigorated all at the same time!

There’s something really nice about being outside in the fresh cold wintry air, whilst being warm in the water which you can’t experience in any other way. Even better when it’s at night time with a glass of Prosseco in your hand!

Thermal Experience Rooms

At the Spa there are ten thermal experience rooms which we worked our way around in a sort of spa-circuit. The pool first followed by the scented room. Then on to my favourite room of them all, the hot stonebath. Which was a dark sauna style room, with walls lined with slate and stone benches to lie on. Where you could get lost looking out at the alpine shelters outside through the floor to ceiling glass window.

Snow Storm Shower

Once we were warm through and through we headed into the ‘snow storm’ shower! I’ve never seen one of these before but it was great. You basically stand under a hole in the ceiling which pumps out fresh snow and ice-chips – which gently cover your body, whilst it sounds like torture it’s actually really refreshing after being in a sauna environment.

Then to warm up it was onto the hot, hot sauna, which also had a beautiful view out on to the terrace, which was all decked out for the festive season with twinkling fairy lights. I love being warm through and through so this was ideal for me!

Experience Shower

After we’d warmed up again we moved on to the experience shower, a walk through shower with four different settings. Alternating between tropical and mist, cold raindrops and warm waterfall showers and ending up with a cold bucket of water! It was actually really invigorating!

To finish off the spa experience we ended in the steam room, which was beautifully tiled and warmed your body right through. A lovely warm end to a tour around the rooms.

After the official tour of the Spa Experiences we moved about from space to space as we felt like, taking in the foot-spa and outside the hot stone beds were a big hit too.

Ye Olde Bell Hotel

We stayed overnight at Ye Olde Bell Hotel for the night and our hotel room was really beautiful. I’m still wanting to discover what colour the walls were painted for future use! Ha!

Back Massage Treatment

The next day we enjoyed a back massage treatment, which was incredibly relaxing and had chance to enjoy the relaxation space in the treatment room area too – which was lovely.

After further spa time, where we enjoyed the pool and the hot stone beds again it was time for lunch before heading home.

Amazing Food at Ye Olde Bell Spa

The food in the Spa was incredible. I had a beautifully cooked seabass fillet served with a sweet potato and vegetable rosti and a vanilla cream sauce.

Harrogate Papa chose the roast Pork belly with spicy carrot puree, braised red cabbage and baby vegetables, which he also really enjoyed.

I decided on the deconstructed chocolate cheesecake with orange textures, which was amazing! Really light and very tangy and tasty.

Great Service and Details

The service and welcome in the spa was really lovely and very attentive. We had spa butlers looking after us through the visit, meaning we just had to ask for a drink and it would be there. There were loads of fresh towels everywhere and the changing rooms were really lovely too.

Perfect Spa Experience

It’s a Spa I’d definitely recommend for a girls’ spa day or as somewhere lovely to go with your other half! It ticked all the boxes for me. Loved it and couldn’t fault the Spa in anyway at all! In fact, can’t wait to go back!

Spa experiences start from just £50 for more details you can visit the spa days and breaks website.



Ye Olde Bell Spa invited us in to review the Spa and overnight stay with their compliments. The views, as always, are my own.

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