Running to get out of the House

During the pandemic 26% of women were more likely to be less regularly active than Men (31%).

My one ‘escape’ during lockdown was getting out of the house to go for my daily exercise. If I could do this on my own, then I was totally winning. Running was my tonic of choice!

Read why I turned to exercise to help me get through the lockdowns and why I’m now a true believer that anyone can run!

As a busy working mum with three kids at home finding time to get active is ALWAYS a challenge. During the most recent lockdown it has been even harder. Throw in the winter and it’s been practically impossible!

I’m not a runner – at all. I had zero fitness before the start of Autumn/Winter. But the need to get out of the house was so great that exercise seemed to be the lesser of two evils.

I started Couch to 5k – which is a great, easy to use, FREE app and only takes 30 minutes each time to do. I picked Jo Whiley as my running mentor (there are four others to choose from). Jo’s encouragement made me feel I could achieve, and I did.

Running in the evenings became the thing I looked forward to most all day. With the days long and spent either at a laptop or caring for the family, running became the one thing, just for me.

Being active outdoors at night gives you a completely different space to be in. It’s so far removed from the house, the warmth, the intensity of indoor life.

I love to run in the evenings, in the dark, on the pavement of very busy main roads. I turn my headphones up high (keeping within safety limits) bang out the tunes that I can’t play loudly in the house, and I even love it if it rains! It’s the closest thing I can get to a night out at the moment.

The streetlights and car lights against the darkness can transport me to crazy nights in clubs gone by. I think about my friends, good times and the time literally flies by. The cold makes me feel alive and the rain (or sleet) makes me run harder and faster. The music lifts my soul and takes me out of my own head for that half an hour.

I don’t run late at night, just in the early evenings, 7pm – 8pm ish – (conveniently by-passing the bedtime crazy at home!). I always run on busy, well-lit main roads and remind myself to take care when crossing side roads, especially with my music loud. I try and remember to wear something reflective when I go too.

To coin a well-known athletic brand. Just do it. Make the time. Claim it as yours. Don’t feel guilty about it. Find the thing for you. Whether it’s downloading an app. Making it your social time by exercising or just walking with a friend. You need to look after yourself first, before you can look after anyone else, so prioritise you. Your physical health and mental wellbeing will thank you for it!

You can download the Couch to 5k App here

My journey into running led me to take part in Move for Mind; a Harrogate Mama January Challenge

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