CReaTeLashes – A serum that gives you longer real eyelashes

Way back before the Summer I spoke to Harrogate Mama, Shana Harrison who is a local beauty therapist specialising in lashes and brows over at The Beauty Focus. She chatted to me about this amazing new product she has brought over from Europe called CReaTeLashes. Basically CReaTeLashes is a serum that you apply to the base of your eyelashes, where they meet the eye, top and bottom, and it enhances the natural growth of your eyelashes and also makes them a shade darker.

As you can imagine I was slightly dubious at first, as I wasn’t convinced a product like this was for me or how effective it would me. But let me tell you after six weeks use of the serum. I’m totally converted. The product is truly amazing, my eyelashes are way longer than they’ve ever been and they’re thicker than I could have ever imagined!


How it works

The product is so easy to use you just apply a thin line to the base of your eyelid, where your eye lashes meet your eye, like eyeliner, after you’ve taken your make up off and before you go to bed. And that’s it! As you close your eyes at bedtime the serum obviously transfers to your bottom lashes too. Meaning both top and bottom lashes benefit from the serum. The only thing I noticed was that on first uses there was a little more ‘sleep’ in my eyes when I woke up than usual but that was all.

The serum takes around four to six weeks to work to its full potential but I noticed a difference after three weeks, I deliberately didn’t tell anyone I was using the serum to see if I had any comments and my Mum was the first to notice at around three weeks in. She thought they looked fab and wanted to hear all about the product.


The Science

The active ingredient is isopropyl cloprostenate (prostaglandin) and it originates from research on glaucoma and was further developed for cosmetic use. This ingredient stimulates the hair roots, prolonging the growth phase and slows down hair loss. In just 4-6 weeks short, thin and brittle lashes become noticeably longer, fuller and stronger. You can also use the product on eyebrows too!


My Longer Eyelashes…

I recorded a short video of my eyelashes at the beginning, middle and end of the six weeks course – so you can see for yourself how well my eyelashes grew! I’m a total convert! I honestly think it’s a great product with amazing results.

It’s really simple to apply – here’s me showing you how!

Where you can buy it?

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Look how long my eyelashes are!!

Shana has the UK distribution rights to this product and is currently selling CReaTeLashes online for £44.95 – but the great news is that Harrogate Mama readers can get it for just £39.95 – details below!

There is also a ‘sensitive’ version of the product available for contact lens wearers or those who have more sensitive eyes. You can keep up to date with all the news from the Beauty Focus on their Facebook page too.

Harrogate Mama Discount Code!

By using the discount code ‘hgmama’ at checkout you can get £5 off the CReaTeLashes serum and FREE delivery at Lucy xx.jpg

Disclaimer: Shana gave me the CReaTeLashes product to trial with her compliments, the views are my own.

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