The Small Boy’s Birthday Party at The Little Gym, Harrogate

The Small Boy celebrated his sixth birthday last week at The Little Gym in Harrogate! He’s been somewhat shortchanged with birthday parties over the years; a combination of a January birthday and being a third child so we thought it was about time he had a party of his own to remember!

The Little Gym, Harrogate

He has a new found love of gymnastics, forever forward rolling around the house, so had his heart set on going to The Little Gym in Harrogate to celebrate with his friends!

It turns out this was an excellent choice as The Little Gym takes a LOT of stress out of the party for you, such as providing all the party entertainment with their expert gymnastics coaches, sorting out the food you bring  and cleaning up afterwards – worth every penny!

A Party for the Smalls AND the Grown-Ups

One of the parents commented to me; having a party at The Little Gym is like having a party for the parents too, since the Smalls are so well taken care of the parents can relax and enjoy catching up with each other!

It’s a great setting as The Little Gym is divided into two parts by a glass wall. The brightly coloured, vibrant gym setting is housed in half of the space and a more chilled cafe type welcome area in the other. Which means parents can sit in the cafe half and  see all the fun whilst enjoying a coffee, but not hear all the crazy.

Loads of Ideas and Games for the Smalls

The hosts at The Little Gym are really lovely with the kids too. The gymnastics coaches are very patient and they have loads of great ideas for the Smalls to try, from jumping across an air-track to rolling backwards over giant foam circles.

Gym Equipment Experimenting

The Smalls get to try out all the gym equipment too, meaning they all get to have a go on the bars and the beam, all under careful supervision! There’s music involved and a load of different games with balls, ropes and hoops. One of the Small Boy’s favourite parts was playing hide and seek in the dark!

In the meantime the parents were able to chat in peace and quiet whilst not missing out on seeing their Smalls have fun. The Little Gym party hosts also sorted out teas and coffees for the grown-ups too, which meant I could be part of the parents catch up too!

Party Tea Time

The set up is such that the kids play for 45 minutes in the gym, with the instructors, who are great at knowing all the kids names too, then they bring them back into the welcome/cafe area for the party tea.

We brought all the food and The Little Gym party hosts help set it all up for us, they have all the plates, cups, drinks and napkins so literally all I brought was the food – perfect and a cost saving too!

Birthday Cake Lovely

Once party tea was wolfed down – within about ten/fifteen minutes, it was birthday cake time. The Small Boy is loving all things Mr Men at the moment so Grandma had obliged with an amazing homemade Mr Topsy Turvey cake, which he adored!

After the candles were blown out (I didn’t even need to remember matches or a knife – they were all on hand) it was back into the gym for more crazy games and fun and a chance to run off all the sweets and biscuits!

Party Bag Time

The party hosts even chopped up the cake for us and popped it in the party bags, as as every Mama knows cake cutting at the end of the party is one of the most stressful parts – when you’re up against the clock and parents are arriving to collect their sugar-high Smalls!

At the end of the party, half an hour later, all the kids were gifted a balloon from The Little Gym and a party bag from us to take home.

All Tidied Up!

Best of all The Little Gym tidied all the mess away, including loading the dishwasher and sweeping the floor! Just leaving us to pack up the presents along with the kindly gifted branded t-shirt from the Little Gym for the Small Boy.

Effortlessly Enjoyable

It really was a lovely, effortless party and the Small Boy had a blast! Finally a party to remember for him and one for me to enjoy for all the right reasons!

You can find out more about kids birthday parties at The Little Gym in Harrogate on their website or by calling: 01423 701560 – their parties are suitable for children aged 1 -12 and are individually planned for each child. Anyone can have their party at The Little Gym, you don’t need to be a member to enjoy the fun – although there is a discount if you are!

This post was created in collaboration with The Little Gym, Harrogate.




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