Ten Great Things to do at PortAventura for Five Year Olds

This summer we were lucky enough to holiday in Spain, Eurocamping at a couple of gorgeous campsites along the coast north and south of Barcelona! We’re definitely heading back – the coves to the north of the city were breath-taking and the campsite to the south, the most easy beach access we’ve ever experienced. Talk about camping on the beach!


Whilst we were away we visited the brilliant PortAventura World – the second biggest theme park in Europe, and trust me, it’s HUGE with so many incredible rides to suit all the family.

Having the Small Boy with us, who’s five – I thought I share some of the best things to do if you’re visiting the park with young children, as they get just as much out of it as the big kids, and the adults 😉

Top 10 things to do with young kids at PortAventura World


1 – Bubble Man Show

This show is a marvel to watch, the grown-ups, Big Girls and Small Boy were all enthralled. The Bubble man, works his magic, with sound, light and bubble effects all in the calm, cooled air-conditioned auditorium, giving you a chance to sit down and enjoy the spectacle. (No photos of the show allowed, hence the auditorium pic)


2 – Bird Show

The Bird show was one of the Small Boy’s favourite, it’s a chance to see birds up close and personal as they swoop around the outdoor amphitheatre to dramatic effect. IMG_6007.JPG

3 – Mariposas Saltarinas

One of the Small Boys most enjoyable rides was the flying hellicopters, if you’re under 105cm you need to ride with a grown-up but he was as thrilled with that as anything!


4 – Kiddie Dragons

If you head to the top end of the Sesamo Adventure area of the park, there are a couple of really cute rides designed with tiny tots in mind. The flying dragons were a big hit – but they need to be old enough to ride alone, or with a willing older sibling!


5 – Cobra Imperial

The Big Girls and the Small Boy all enjoyed the dragon ride, Cobra Imperial. It was fast enough for the Small Boy to be pushed out of his comfort zone, but not so fast as to scare him off any other rides!


6 – Squirting people on Tutuki Splash ride

Being too tiny to ride the Tutuki Splash, log flume ride, the Small Boy watched on as my and one of the Big Girls bravely went on! He loved being able to squirt the unsuspecting boat riders, at the end of their ride!


7 – Sesamo Aventura – Coco Piloto and Tractor ride

Sesamo Aventurer, or the Sesame Street area, of the park is made for the small Smalls! The Small Boy loved this area most and especially enjoyed the Piloto and Tractor rides!


8 – Tado Jones Show over lunch

We’d been given a top tip to try and dine at the same time as catching a show, so we headed to La Cantina in the Mexico area of the park where we saw the stunning La Tadeo Jones Show, which kept all the Smalls entertained!


9 – Buffalo Rodeo

Over in the Far West zone of the park, the Buffalo Rodeo, went down really well and the Small Boy also wanted to be photographed next to the Horror in Texas show sign (which is most definitely not for the Smalls at all!)


10 – Chill by the lakeside

Finally remember, it’s a long day for the small Smalls, so taking some time to just chill out and a bite to eat lakeside is  perfect. So making use of the port side restaurants and shops, was something we all enjoyed too!


Have you been to PortAventura? What did you think? Did you take small Smalls? If you’re looking to go to PortAventura you can book your tickets online before you go and save yourself some money!


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