Introducing OneWellness Harrogate; a new approach to wellbeing

OneWellness are an organisation of health professionals who are all experts in their field. They are all passionate about helping the people of Harrogate to stay healthy and reach their personal fitness goals.

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Experts helping Harrogate stay healthy

The organisation are a team of permanent and associate professionals offering a range of flexible services which will include; physiotherapy, nutrition, mindfulness and physical fitness. The OneWellness team have set themselves the goal of improving the wellbeing of Harrogate’s residents through tailored healthcare programmes.

Onewellness are based in Harrogate at the site of the Mowbray Square Medical Centre, just off East Parade. They are set up with a large specially designed gym space and state of the art equipment along with another impressive separate space for treatment rooms.

Harrogate Blogger, Harrogate Mama, Harrogate Mama Blog, Harrogate Blog, OneWellness, Pilates, Yorkshire, Blogger, Harrogate, Mama, Blog,IMG_7271.jpg
Reception area at OneWellness Harrogate

Tailored Wellbeing Packages

The organisation offer a range of classes and packages to suit different healthcare needs, from new Mums to Personal Training packages, reproductive wellness to Junior Sports Team physio-led exercise classes. From Pilates, to HIIT classes to Clinical Yoga; to nutrition advice to acupuncture, there are experts at the centre for all your wellbeing needs! You can of course book to see one of the physios for initial consultations and follow up physio treatment too. Their website shares all the details. I took part in some physic-led Pilates and loved it!

Physio Led Pilates

I went along to a couple of their OneWellness Pilates classes to find out what makes them different from the average gym class.

For a start all the services offered by OneWellness are clinician led, by health professionals. Stephen Kirk leads the physiotherapy department he’s had over 17 years of experience working in the NHS, private and elite sport settings. There are an additional three associate physiotherapists who work alongside him. All of which have been trained and qualified for number of years.

This means when you attend a Pilates class you know you’re working safely and that the exercises you’re undertaking are really going to be of benefit to you. Working under the guidance of highly trained physiotherapists means you’re much more likely to be working the right muscle groups the right way.

Emma Davies led our Pilates class which is held on a Tuesday at 8pm, which is a good Mama friendly class time! Emma’s been a physio since 2006 and has taught Pilates for over eight years. She’s recently had her second baby too, so knows all about the practicalities of getting back into exercise after having children.

Having recently been pregnant and as a new Mum, Emma really put our minds at rest that we were going to be excising safely and to maximum effect all the areas that suffer the stresses and strains of growing another human inside you! Emma explained that it’s working the lower abdominal muscles that actually help your tummy to become flatter, and no amount of sit ups will help achieve that as those exercises focus more on your higher abdominal muscles.

Harrogate Blogger, Harrogate Mama, Harrogate Mama Blog, Harrogate Blog, OneWellness, Pilates, Yorkshire, Blogger, Harrogate, Mama, Blog,IMG_7263.jpg
OneWellness Gym space

The class was at a relaxed pace and there were a few newcomers, which meant you felt at ease quickly and Emma was really hands on, coming round to correct positions to make sure you were undergoing the moves in all the right ways!

I really enjoyed the Pilates class, it was great to find a different head space and to exercise at a slower pace – rather than a cardio workout. I found I left energised and that I’d started down the line of engaging my core muscles again, which have been a long time neglected! I’m looking forward to heading back next week!

Classes are £55 for a six week course. OneWellness offer other differently priced packages for Pilates too, for a more personalised service.

Mum to Be and New Mum Packages

OneWellness are offering a Mum-to-be package and a New-Mum package which both include specialist physiotherapy massages and six specialist Yoga or Pilates sessions – which would make perfect new baby or baby shower gifts at £175 for the package. More details can be found on their website

Personal Training Packages at an Introductory Rate

There are also a number of Personal Training packages on offer for a bargain introductory price at the moment.

For £135 you can get take part in the OneWellness PT-Fit package which includes all of the following;  a one to one physical assessment with a specialist physiotherapist, a tailored plan to help you support your fitness goals, six PT-Fit sessions with a personal trainer in the OneWellness gym (up to six people in a class), a follow up physiotherapist session to measure progress and free telephone support throughout the package. (More details on their website, prices correct at time of first publishing).

HIIT and Clinical Yoga

Along with the Pilates, PT sessions and additional wellbeing packages, OneWellness also offer tailored classes which are all led by experts in their field. On Mondays and Wednesdays at 6.15pm HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes are available and from Thursdays at 1.30pm they offer Clincal Yoga.

Coming soon to OneWellness

OneWellness also have a host of other exciting offerings in the pipeline. From the 24th April they will be starting their own brand of HIIT classes (called OneHIIT) which will target the early-risers running at 6.30am – 7.15am. There will also be some parent and child classes coming in the not too distant future too.

Experts in their field

The organisation prides itself on working with experts in their chosen field and are excited to announce that they will soon be working with a clinical physiologist who has worked with Olympians Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. Dr Matthew Campbell is a senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett University and an expert in exercise nutrition, OneWellness are more than thrilled that they’re going to be able to offer experts with that calibre to all their clients.

Saturday 8th April – Launch Event

OneWellness are holding a FREE event open day on Saturday 8th April from 10am, where they are offering free classes, a chance to chat to experts, opportunities to win prizes and a chance to see the amazing facilities for yourself!

Harrogate Blogger, Harrogate Mama, Harrogate Mama Blog, Harrogate Blog, OneWellness, Pilates, Yorkshire, Blogger, Harrogate, Mama, Blog,IMG_7266.jpg
OneWellness Gym equipment

OneWellness the Future

I think OneWellness is set to be a great addition to Harrogate and I look forward to seeing how their journey develops in the growing market of health and wellbeing. The organisation are set to be collaborating with more and more health professionals over time, which makes the offering even more exciting for the future. We all know looking after ourselves is the key to a happier, healthier life and OneWellness are around to help us do that in safer way.

Lucy xx

Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with OneWellness




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