You Are Enough

There is nothing like a two week holiday, away from the digital world, to help refocus your mind.

I read books and magazines, was left alone with my own thoughts (a huge luxury) and slept deeply.

Over the course of the two weeks something I read began to resonate with me. You are Enough.

It is such a simple phrase but can be so liberating. As Mamas we spend so much time berating ourselves for all the things we didn’t do, should have done and still want to do. But if we just give ourselves permission to be enough, it’s very free-ing.

Whilst the world is constantly striving to do better, to do more, to do it faster – is that the way to real happiness? Making memories in the present is much more fulfilling than dreams for the future. Be content that you are enough.

So if the world is spinning too fast for you. If you’re constantly ‘so busy’. If you’re doing everything but feel like you’re achieving nothing, be content in the knowledge that you are enough.

Just press pause for a moment and say it to yourself, it’s amazing how it can make you feel.

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