Singapore’s Post Natal Fitness Specialist comes to Harrogate

Sam Blakey – Post Natal Fitness Specialist

I met the brilliantly talented Sam Blakey just before Christmas last year where she worked with me on some Personal Training goals. As well as being an expert PT she’s also an experienced and qualified pre and post natal Pilates specialist and she’s now offering classes across Harrogate for Mamas.

Sam Blakey Post Natal Personal Trainer

Hypopressives and Pilates Expert

Alongside the Pilates for expectant and new mamas, Sam is trained in the highly specialised Hypopressives, a unique combination of low pressure breathing and postures that help transform and strengthen the core.

Sam is the only Hypopressives Trainer currently in North Yorkshire and uses core-effective Hypopressives extensively in her work with clients with prolapses, as well as working with those who have Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)  prolapses, back issues and incontinence.

As a Mum of five herself Sam really understand the way new Mums are feeling and understands firsthand the toll pregnancy can take on the body.

When I met Sam she had recently travelled back to the UK after living in Singapore where she had been running her own fitness company, Ooberfit, for five years. Sam’s OoberMama brand, is where she gained recognition as the leading post-natal fitness specialist in Singapore, working closely with women’s health physios across the country. She still goes back to teach workshops and work with clients.

Sam Blakey in Singapore

Whilst she was in Singapore Sam’s business, Ooberfit was voted best fitness provider by a national magazine for two years running. And this time last year she was invited to be one of the headline trainers at Singapore’s inaugural fitness exhibition, FitnessFest2017, showcasing one of her company’s signature HIIT bootcamps in the main arena.

Harrogate’s OneWellness Centre

Now back in the UK Sam has recently been appointed to Harrogate’s OneWellness centre, which offers a combination of physiotherapy sessions, physio-led Pilates and specialist personal training and trainer-led classes.

The OneWellness centre is launching its pre and post natal offerings this month with Sam at the helm, starting with ‘Mums & Tums’ on Monday mornings from 9.10am – 9.50am and Thursday afternoons 4- 4.45pm. Both expectant and new mums are welcome to these classes as Sam can adapt or change the exercises to suit and babies are welcome at the classes too.

When I chatted to Sam she explained to me why she loves working with mums so much; “I love the challenge of helping these mums and mums-to-be exercise safely and effectively. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a mum reconnect with her core and feel stronger. Quite often they come to classes feeling a bit low and the workout does them the world of good and they leave feeling more energised and ready for their week ahead. I can’t think of a better job than helping these ladies feel positive, strong and happy!”

Sam Blakey with her own family

OneWellness has also added more Pilates sessions, led by Sam, who is a certified PT, Pilates instructor and Thump kick boxing teacher in addition to her pre and post natal specialism’s.

Sam also offers Personal One to One sessions

As well as working with OneWellness Sam also offers personal 1-1 sessions at home or locally too, helping you workout wherever and whenever suits you best.

To find out more ways to work with Sam you can visit her website  – or contact her on email at OOBERMAMA@GMAIL.COM or mobile: 07752 014058

To book on one of her classes at OneWellness contact or call 01423 568212 to book.

This post is a sponsored collaboration with Sam Blakey

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