Wicked Wednesday – Scaring the hell out of Mummy

This week’s Wicked Wednesday has taken the form of a video! Ooh!


It perfectly captures that moment that we all have from time to time titled “Sh*t!!! I can’t get there quick enough to stop that disaster from happening and just have to watch it all unfold in slow motion!”

It’s one of the worst feelings you can experience as a parent, until of course the said child bounces back up in fits of laughter! Thank the Lord!

The Small Boy’s stunt is pretty spectacular, but my expression is one you will recognise in an instant as a parent! I also love his big sister’s response ☺️

[wpvideo qfhue6jJ]


That look of relief on everyone’s face is priceless!

The video was taken up at treetopnets at the weekend, I can’t wait to share all the amazing fun we had up there! Watch out for my first Vlog about it too coming soon! ?

#WickedWednesdays 22/6/16


(*The lovely BrummyMummyof2 shares her favourite #wickedwednesdays picks of the week over on her blog…so if you’re feeling like the only one who’s dealing with this sort of shizzle, then check out the links, for you’re not alone!)

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Lucy xx

18 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Scaring the hell out of Mummy

  1. Awww bless him, he’s not phased by it which is always a relief…good work little dude, hope your nerves are okay now mummy x #Wickedwednesday oh and good luck on the vlogging, I really want to start soon.

      1. Can’t wait, my partner always laughs when i tell him I’m going to start doing it, i need to do some homework into it more. Any good pieces you’ve read? I’m sure it will be great but i also have that fear, especially when out and about. even though i don’t mind singing random kids songs all day, its different knowing people are going to watch it. Do you have a youtube channel? is that the best way to go? sorry for all the questions. thanks in advance George x

        1. I know George, it’s a bit daunting! I sometimes feel a twit just taking photos, but I’m getting over it a bit! I have a YouTube Channel, it was quite easy to set up. I’ve only posted a couple of videos on it so far! To be honest I’ve not done much research! I love watching BrummyMummyof2 uploads. But should probably do some more! ? Good luck with yours! I’m sure you’ll be great! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9v47wum14aw

          1. Im glad im not the only one that feels like that, I’ll check out the YouTube and let you know. I also love Em’s videos, I’ve been catching up on them tonight and its made me want to get involved but not sure how to start. Thanks for the help and wish me luck x

  2. Ha ha ha! Glad everything was OK! Love a video Wicked Wednesdays!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Wicked Wednesdays and I can’t wait to see what you have lined up this week! x

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