This weeks Playgroup Craft – Cress Seed Initials

This week we were growing things at Playgroup. A really simple but effective idea, growing cress.

We decorated some plastic plates (because paper ones would go soggy!) then drew the Small Boy’s initial on it, glued it, covered it in cotton wool, soaked it with water then sprinkled cress seeds on top of it. Over the next few days to a week (as long as we remember to water them ?) they should sprout and turn green – much to the Small Boy’s excited anticipation! I’ll post an update then.

Harrogate Mama - seed growing at Playgroup.jpg

One week on and despite a weekend Mama break to Liverpool, when I mostly forgot to water the seeds, it has ended up looking like this!


Maybe we’ll be tucking into egg and cress sandwiches very soon!

If you liked this you might like to see the daffodil we made a few weeks ago, the donkey ears before that and last session’s Easter hats and baskets.

There’s also a lovely post all about the Playgroup too.

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