Helping David Cameron understand why SAHMs would be ‘hurt’ by giving free childcare to working parents

Dear David Cameron,

I see in today’s Daily Mail that you say you ‘can’t understand why giving free childcare to working parents would hurt someone who wants to stay at home’.

As a stay at home parent I can help you understand.

All parents with young children need child care. Whether you do it yourself or you outsource it, it’s a fact of life.

Paying parents who go out to work to outsource their childcare hurts me as a parent who cares for her own child because…

1.) you’re giving working parents, who earn money, more money, to have someone else care for their child. You’re not giving me any money to care for my child and I don’t earn any money to start with.

2.) you are taking away part of our family income (tax) and giving it to parents who are already earning money.

3.) by financially rewarding parents who choose to outsource childcare  at the expense of parents who choose to care for their child in the home you demonstrate that you do not value the role I play in society and you only value the role of parents who are earning money.

Can you please stop putting childcare at the centre of your policies and start putting children there instead.


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