Revealing all about Yorkshire’s Deer Shed Family Festival!

Yikes! I am SO excited about this one! The lovely folks over at Deer Shed Festival have only gone and asked me if I would like to be an Official Blogger for this year’s Deer Shed Festival! Woo hoo!


While I’m busy wondering if that means back stage passes and after show parties ? (seriously doubtful!) I will share with you everything you need to know about Deer Shed Festival, the family friendly music, arts and science festival set in North Yorkshire parkland.

  • Firstly it’s in Yorkshire – Near Thirsk to be precise! So REALLY handy for all us Harrogate folks!
  • Secondly it’s especially for Families – check, that’s us again. I’m thinking Camp Bestival vibes (with less Gwyneth and glam – still the same amount of gin though)
  • Thirdly, it’s in it’s seventh year of running! Which is bonkers crazy as I’d never heard off it before!
  • Fourthly it’s on the weekend my kids break up from school 22/24th July – the perfect de-mob happy weekend away!
  • Fifthly, it has SO many awesome things going on we are going to be spoilt for choice! From music to movies, crafts to theatre, workshops to comedy, sports activities to science I can’t wait to share it all with you!

So, I’ll let you in to a secret, I’ve never been to a festival before, no hay days at Glasto to retell, the closest thing I’ve come to one is singing around the fire on Brownie camp!

This means I will have loads to share with you about what going to a festival is really like, and better than that, what going to a festival with kids is really like! It all sounds slightly daunting for me as someone who managed to forget the only camping thing we needed to take our (not really camping at all)  Eurocamping trip to Venice last year, which was a tea towel! ? Wish us luck!

If you’re thinking of joining the party and really excitedly for us, we know a couple of families going too, you need to get booking! They are on their last wave of ticket sales and I think they’ll sell out before too long!

There are simply too many awesome things to mention here about what you can see at the festival – you can see a full line up for yourself over on their website. It’s huge, the comedy and music side alone is marvellously endless! All their highlights are on their poster above.

Here are just a few of the highlights that our family don’t want to miss…

Aardman Model Making Workshops


E’re looking forward to learning from an Aardman expert model maker how to make our own Shaun the Sheep or Gromit clay model to take home!

The Television Workshoptvworkshop.jpg

This one, I know, Little Miss K will be perfect for, she loves a spot of acting!

Minon Making


I know that both my girls will definitely want to do this!

HandMade Theatre presents: Flying The Nest


The kids will all love this fantastic mix of music, puppetry, facts and fun. Which is a fantastic new interactive show for young explorers.

Old Skool Playground Games


This is for adults and kids! British Bulldog without the playground ban! Awesome!

Eight Tonnes of Playsand


This is where the Small Boy will mostly want to be hanging out!

Beth Orton is headlining on Sunday night 


I personally am looking forward to this one! She’s going to be amazing live! So excited!

BBC Microbit


Every Year 7 child across the UK will be given a Microbit eventually except they are not ready yet. But there will be some at Deer Shed so that the girls can start writing code ASAP.  All good educational stuff in a fun way!

Conductive Paint


What more can I say about this other than the girls will be all over it!

Pitch Perfect and Tangled singalong


Tangled is a firm favourite in our house and we pretty much know all the words so we’ll be joining in – possibly even dressing up for this one!

The Goonies


And we are totally going to make the kids sit through this one!

Hide & Seek are doing a kid’s silent disco – loving those two words together ‘kids’ and ‘silent’! ??

There’s a Morning rave with Spike and Sponge – the good news is we’ll be up early enough to make the most of that with a three year old!

Now if someone could just arrange the weather for us, I will go off and dig out that tea-towel! Wish us luck with the whole camping thing – I think we’re going to need it ?

Are you going to Deer Shed Festival this year? Have you been before? What did you think? I can’t wait to go and report back! Can you share your camping tips with me too please!!

Lucy xx


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