A New Year’s Resolution you can actually keep!

I’m not one for making New Year Resolutions. Mainly because, like most other people, I know I just break them after around 10 days and then hate myself even more for not even managing to do anything about the thing that I wanted to do something about! Gah!

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New Year, New You

But this year I decided I was going to make a positive resolution, you know, something to do more of and not less of! And I landed on a great one that I’m pretty sure is possible for everyone to keep! It is simply this … To Do More Of What I Love!

Do More Of What You Love

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By just giving myself the permission to do more of what I love I already feel like I’ve treated myself! As Mamas we’re notoriously poor at self care, we’re always at the bottom of the list for everything and sometimes it’s important to not only put yourself on the list but put yourself at the top of it! After all, if you’re not around to pick up the pieces when you fall ill (which you will if you don’t care for yourself), who else will?

Self Care Matters

You are responsible for your own happiness

And although I love jetting off to a sun soaked beach, doing it more often is realistically very unlikely, so it doesn’t quite work like that. In my head it works by making some positive choices in your life.

I love reading, but don’t often make the time to do that. So I’m choosing to go to bed a little earlier to spend time doing something I love. I love catching up with friends and family over a coffee, so I’m choosing to have a quick cuppa before starting my work for the day. I love to cook family meals, but don’t feel I have the time so I’m making time. Before making a choice about whether I should do something or not I’m thinking, ‘do I love doing it?’ and if the answer is yes, I’m just doing more of it!

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Mastering the Art of Appreciation

Choosing to do more of what I love is a state of mind rather than a tangible thing. I was struck by a ‘pause for thought’ on the Radio Two breakfasts show on Monday morning – which was a reminder of something we all know, but fail to listen to often which is; happiness is not a destination – it’s a state of mind.

While we’re all busy rushing around to get things done, work finished and project plan for our future lives, we’re missing the point. Happiness comes from mastering the art of appreciation and choosing to enjoy what we already have.

Have you made any resolutions this year? What do you love to do and what will you be doing more of this year? Are you aiming towards choosing to enjoy what you have already?

Lucy xx

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